Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sands of Time

The winds are softly coaxing me, solemn, secretive, hushed tones are whispering to me, guiding me along this bewildering, but tranquil trail.
Temperament of the horizons have rolled into a misty plush of perplexing and blackened violet… deep-thinking grey hues rush into the unflustered silence … giving way to something unfamiliar and frail.
I carefully scathe the  top portion of the heaps of sand from the grandiose hour glass…letting some of it slowly slide and empty into the unwearied palms of my hands…
Time halts for a momentous moment … recognizable glinting beams of light spruce and sprawl like the captivating constellations of the universe… are suddenly dispersed into my world in the form of absent strands.
I surprisingly spotted this radiant light shining from a short distance some time ago… this fragment of time so precious...so gentle and uniquely extraordinary… heart thumped at a breathlessly exhilarating pace…twas something so rare....
Flashes of a genuine link or bond filled the accepting hollows of my mind…I remembered the dewy, shimmery, droplets of a smile and cheeky laughter, but see them rapidly recede and timidly thin into the air …
Must I do this again dear phoenix…my trusty ally? Is anything permenant? Why all the episodes of astray?
 Must I endure this...I fear I'll wither...must I feel the unwavering weight of dismay? 
 Must I see and feel them; wonderingly walk to and fro…?
The release of a watery splash…the diming of a light…Phoenix lovingly nods…I place the tampered sands back into the flow of time…..give it one last glance... and let go

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