Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Signal

Written by Sonia Beard

The coaxing, incredulous, currents tumultuously transcend over me and swiftly swath my being, coil me in transformation, penetrate and gingerly kiss my surly soul, prompting me to gregariously and fearlessly fling my limber limbs out and take flight.

I can hear their familiar, faint, mind-warming echoes of their softened whimpers …my amiable, honest ally, the wintery wolves secretly swarm…warily, cautiously watching…. with their piecing, pallid eyes gleaming…I can feel their pompous pacing and prancing in my veins… anticipation…boldly bracing themselves for the fight.

I let the calming currents of much needed change brush past the perceptive angles of my face…budding bristles of outdated old slowly swirl and gather in my meditating mind and like the archer’s bow….are tightly retracted only to be radically dispersed like untamed brutish waves.

I instinctively kneel and devotedly start to dig my tiny, inquisitive hands into the loose, elastic loams and earthen mounds of present and future….a shocking surge of tenderness and luminosity start to balloon and radiantly rupture from my unexposed palms...a forward secret path is what it paved.

I suddenly am aware of the frantic fluttering of a familiar peaceful, humble, perceptive, soul next to me…his perfectly sculpted beak, his feathers of well-worn travels, and his radiating spew of a crimson crown afloat…nostalgically nestled on his gracious head.

Its celebrated, glassy silhouette shape-shifts into previous forms: the ruby-red crowned crooning crane, the ravenous stealthy hawk, the spirited dove of devotion, to its final form... the all-knowing phoenix… appearing oddly cloaked in lead.

All at once, my child-like, shy gaze hesitantly scans this new guide….familiar images slowly spill into the sacred space between.

Aura starts spurting outrageous oranges, vivacious velvety violets, and soul-searching whites…all curiously combine and brilliantly explode… I know within me…a deep understanding…. Something I’ve been well acquainted with…I know what this all means.

Old friends we are…devout souls connected infinitely….I wait for the signal…an ancient signal  as old as time… eyes lock and connect…I shout outward “Guide me as you’ve guided our faithful people, old friend….guide me as you may”….

We know what lies ahead and with you as always I will stay.

I hear the wisdom intricately laced in honest howl of the wolves behind me, fresh earthen smell of new hope overwhelms …this is the signal I’ve been waiting for…. The phoenix daringly darts up into the cold and crisp sky.

Tumbling, transcending and transforming, he unleashes an overpowering shrill, one my heart answers to, a well-known courageous cry…

I instantaneously hop on and see the breaking of the day. 

I whisper “Old trusted friend…aim for the destined path ahead…let us bravely lead the way….

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