Monday, June 25, 2012

The Beginning of  Land of Sands

With the tunneled, targeting, vision of the honorable, red-tailed hawk I scrutinize each flatteringly iced, truth-giving spruce in this silent place.

Native symbolic markings and quixotic lines of connectivity… mysterious and questionable… dance fervently on my fearful face.

My lighted vision leaves my earthen-clay colored cores in emotion-moving, salted slits.

A release of honest hope in bright, magnetic green build like the strength of watery currents around me… inwardly sighing… the awkward pang leased from the metaphysical wounds in the pits

At an instant, an unexpected kaleidoscope of marigold lights and glorious power symbolized in the form of a lion blind my sight.

In fearful haste, nowhere to flee…oh dear…., I burry my face forward into the mounds of earth adjacent to me….my fragile hands unsteady….. guarding the vision I have at the back of my head with all my might.

Hair of pure light and sun, wondrously feathered, gloriously gilded plates of armor fitted… artfully and blatantly cloaked in flashing blood red... 

The gentlest speech escapes his lips…first in ancient old and then in modern new….

”Rise my little child-like one”. “Lift your eyes to the guiding one above…lift your weary little head!” For it is the right time to instruct you…for you must travel through the heated desert ahead…..I must tell you what you must do.

Mend thy shoes, Heart must be worn in pure and shield shined and true
Keep advancing forth through the sands of heavy heat and relentless wind…..wait for the signal....when you are ready my child-like one...the signal I will give you….