Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Gifts

A different passage now lingers and looms ahead…unravels in slow-motion like a pair of gauntly wound scrolls… shielding; resilient ribbons inaudibly unfurrow and slip away
 A fresh dimension of illustration extinguishes the existing creating this new sphere where the realm of realism and extrasensory or nonphysical radically rest on another in an unthought-of way.
A different type of flying is required of the rider, but one must embody strength of heart, amplified regularity of mind, and an altered use of eye.
Just to begin to comprehend and begin to unveil…one must have all three and all three you must couple, soundly safeguard, and tie.
Faithful phoenix slams through the countless collection of cumulous strands of clouds beneath us, and expertly lands on ground.
I hesitate for just a minuscule fragment of seconds, tenderly clasp my arms around phoenix, and listen for another signal or different sound.
My heart hears the wishes and the feelings of this land… instructions to heed here… …What is that you say? What is the nature of your call?
My heart hums and softens, my overly-excited mind joins my heart…. both start to waltz together… awakening the eye, which calls for peaceful, cleansing, rain to fall.
See! I hear them say…the immediate surroundings ricochet outward and melt into muddy, piercing emerald and earthen -clay tan colored cavern walls.
The bristling salty scent of thriving life brings my nose a flare… beckons me walk further into this place.
I can feel the vibrant mirth, the tiny bonds of energy dancing on my face.
I inquisitively touch the cooled, dampened walls… a torch appears adeptly tracking the placement of my hands
The musky, dense walls…articulately and skillfully contoured are linked with auspicious augur and tell-tale symbols…I begin to understand.
My mind races like the terrifying, tiger… stalking, springing, and conquering ….hunting without an ounce of fear.
I sense the presence of someone behind me….I turn….eying a weather-withered, shrewd, starkly- cloaked man…he steps in a little closer…he quickly draws near.
The aged, but sound sage’s fiery fingers tenaciously pull back exposing an oddly-warped apparatus …resembling a pirate’s sunken chest.
I instinctively reach over, insert the key, and turn it to the west.
The curious gadget swiftly props itself open, baring personal objects or gifts of three.
Gift one is an unusually elegant quill liquored and laced with the ability to create fateful movements for the senses to experience, but mostly to see.
Gift two is a rosy brick-hued apple masked in scribbled, squiggly names...who knows….maybe the digits will hit the threes?
Gift three is a gorgeously, but carefully embossed M booklet bizarrely divided by the letters C, N, and B.
The man’s eyes happily danced and brazenly basked in awareness, truthfulness, and something completely far-fetched and free.
I knew at that moment I had to choose one gift…one gift…..this choice is entirely  up to me.