Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Hermit's Journey

Senses of six sourly pressed under a magnum of sulky silk...the sound deeply unsettling…channeling eccentric vibrations around me…setting it all a sink.

Monstrously confusing the invisible fresh lively-hood of their mysteriously masked synchronization...breaks the infinite importance of their link.

Irregular tremors, tumbling pressurized waves of reverberation crush phoenix’s hope-filled wings….leaving his perfectly honest armored chest battered and a tare.

Hands torched and burning at an unfound temperature, perspiring hands frantically furrowing and desperately clasping every tool rustically orchestrated in my trench ….a deliberately disorientating, unwanted, robust, tang, man-made, salted, flame choke my vision

Dangerously pushing link into contradictory worlds of 4 … trustworthy heart please help … I am blinded like a bat…please lead us with the well-guarded ancestral elements of earth and air…let them confuse us not in the direction of our mission.

Pure projections spring from my child-like heart…shut-eye blinding beams of wisteria skillfully shade the honored heavens … volumes of gleaming sun-glow sherbet, violet red, and soothing lagoon periwinkle sprinkles… ruby shaped pebbles encircle this place of plush silence … primordial groves of glassy, glinting, minted evergreens iced with the concrete purity of truthfulness gather midland… ultimate forgiveness and unconscious respite call softly inviting me… sweetly lulling with the scent of lavender and the sound.

Land! I roar. Clumsy fingers on the left tugging and slipping away from the worn leather reins and mothering right on phoenix’s tell-tale gashes… confusingly guiding his targeted aim…flailing, floundering, and flipping all ways...sliding sideways…awkwardly descending…thought process chained and bound.

Crash! Slink…Slide…Landing like a hell-tossed flounder on the unyielding density of dirt.

Like the valor of the Siamese cat sacredly gifted with lives of nine…hands firmly fisted and hardened…determination rooted at the very beginnings of the belly … slam forward and cleave at the life-saving fabric of my shirt.

With the utmost delicacy of the palm…softly humming tranquility into his worried mind… I gently lift and support my dearest phoenix …devotedly drape his miraculous, gentle being, and instinctively and safely secure him to my chest.

I take a moment to soothe and warm him…I cradle my cherished phoenix closer…denying, clouded eyes brimmed…my mind slipping…without him…how can I sense the light of day?

Blazing, unmerciful tense corrupt and cripple the conscious…No!No!No! I start to scream…Crazed strapping battle cry hurtles like the feathered keeper…travels through the revolving balance of ever flowing seams of the universe… Archaically, fire-molded chains broken…battle-torn they lay.

Lightened, spirited, anciently-guided force transpire, once carefully gated core…I give my phoenix quick loving nuzzle …feet start to rhythmically prance and proceed.

A silver-crowned, diamond-edged, mirror-reflecting shield drops from the calmed atmosphere above…the guiding ones speak…language absolutely drenched in safeguarded potency… chaste and clearly concise heart-speak…fear nothing my child-like gentle one….we will give you what you need.

Phoenix will rise from the earthen-fruited cinders in 4…. Freshly born even stronger in vitality, resilience, and in force …for now, you must like the lone, silent, careful, hermit… journey solely by following your feet and see not through the use of eyes but of the heart.

 Deflect their sullied spite, invidious sight, and hollow-hearted actions…pair this gift with the purity of light at all point on this fated passage…soon my dear little one…the golden cupped one will join you…decidedly fated as the winds, sun, and life….hold strong and fast….remember…with the light you should never part. 

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