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Transition (written: 12/08)

Transition (written: 12/08)
By Sonia Beard on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 7:46am
I lucidly almost unwillingly glimpse back at the misty shadows, my nimble essence gently sways to and fro, calmly coaxing me into a tantalizing trance, a numbing buzzing on my lips.

For what feels like 8 life times dreadfully dawned, I ponderingly investigate my queasy quaking delicate arms, wispy wrists, honest hands, and flexible finger tips.

Extraordinary and almost overwhelmingly blissful swishes and fantastic spirals of fresh pastels and faint pure impressions slowly pulse amercing and engulfing the familiar surroundings I desperately cling to.

Reflections of smoldering soot and aspiring ash lay heavily in helpless heaps and empty transparent shadows march gingerly and gather ...then faintly fade into the abandoned mounds behind me.

An impressive unknown letter in hand, holds the sole key to true happiness and what it says I have yet to know…what is known is it will bring immense change…severing old ways…cutting me loose and freeing my fragile soul...leaving my eyes to finally see…

Calming visions of vast bodies of water spread placidly plaster the horizon and melt into the sweet shimmering sunset…I am no longer a lingering lost soul… finally am who I need to be and see where my tunnel leads.

A gift most glorious most cherished and destined…one made of newly discovered joy…sits perfectly placed in hand.

I no longer hesitantly glance back a ways, but firmly forward, on my journey to this placed called home. Brilliant rays lighting the beautifully bountiful blessed skies ahead of me….. My soul finally fulfilled and I plant both feet firmly on this new land.

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